"Within half an hour of my email, your team responded. I was immediately impressed with the turnaround time. Within a day I received an answer which saved me from transfering $2000 into the hands of ascammers. Thank you for your excellent service. Outstanding! Well done."

"I'm so grateful I found your site and that you responded so quickly. I was on a military dating site and didn't know I was communicating with a scammer. I want to thank you for your help. You are great people! Thank you!"



 What does Cybersleuth Investigations do?1

Cybersleuth Investigations, Inc. provides investigative services exclusively involving cases of financial sexotortion.  Our mission is soley focused on protecting our clients. We strive to stop perpetrators from extorting our clients by attempting to  identify these individuals and organizations and working to interrupt their money stream, mitigating the impact of client exposure, and supporting clients throughout the crisis.

 What is Sextortion?1

Sextortion is a type of blackmail that involves coercion using  sexual images or videos to extort money or sexual favors from the victim.

 Who are the Perpetrators of Sextortion?

Perpetrators are often highly skilled criminals operating in teams oversea.  Some scammers will cast a wide net hoping to randomly locate potential victims however more sophisticated perpetrators wll reseach and target unsuspecting individuals.  

 Who are the Victims of Sextortion?

Victims  originate from all demogrphics, regardless of age, sex, marital status, or education. Almost universally, victims feel embrassed and at fault. Often, the only mistake the victim has made is trusting others and simply wanting to be loved.  The lack of support and the fear of ridicule are common issues for many victims. 

 How  is Sextortion different than Revenge Porn?

Unlike revenge porn, which almost exclusively involves female victims who have been betrayed by long-term  intimate partners, sextortion victims may not know their perpetrators. Revenge porn proseution can be effective as law enforcement usually have an identified victim, an identified perpetrator and jurisdiction. These three elements are often absent in cases involving sextortion. Sextortion victims rarely risk exposure by coming forward to report crimes. Sextortion perpetrators are hidden behind layers of fake peronas and use "hops"to move money and avoid tracing. Jurisdiction is typically in question as most sextortion criminals operate freely in foreign countries and with little fear from authorities.
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