"It would appear you have helped me miss the bullet that was aimed my way. While the subject we were dealing with was very unpleasant, you helped make me comfortable in the process of solving the problem. Your fee can never be enough to thank you for your expertise, your encouraging words and your success of solving problems. Please use this as a recommendation to others of the value I place on you and your abilities. Thank you from my heart."


Male Victims

  How do perpetrators sextort men?1

I have been working with Terry Evans of Cybersleuth for the past month. I had fallen prey to a sextortion scheme and I was at my wits end. I reached out to the FBI for support, but all they offered was a link to a Website. When I tried to enter my situation, the Web link was not working. In my desperation, I typed in sextortion in my browser and up popped Terry’s name. I researched him and his credentials told me he was the man I needed to help me through this ordeal.
I reached out to his email and he contacted me within an hour. We spoke on the phone that day. Terry explained to me what was happening and how he was going to help get this problem under control. He also explained how I had been victimized and how this type of scheme is becoming more and more rampant to men of an advancing age. He helped to talk me down when I was at my most desperate and helped me to face up to my responsibilities and talk to my spouse. Truly the hardest conversation I have ever had. But, we are getting through it and stronger because of it.
We worked together for 4 solid weeks, each step of the way, Terry was in constant contact providing me the steps to get this situation handled. By cutting off the money stream, we were able to slowly get the “Thugs” off my back. He also kept me apprised of the status of the situation, how when I thought things were resolved, he kept telling me to be vigilant, and that it was not over yet. So, I kept monitoring and we stayed in contact.
If you find yourself in this type of situation, do not hesitate. Reach out to Terry Evans before you pay out another nickel. Follow his directions, as difficult as it may be and he will get you through this ordeal and try like hell to minimize the impact on your life.
Good luck to you, whomever is reading this testimonial.

JN - New York City

In contrast to sextortion strategies targeting women, there is typically little or no grooming period for men.  Selected men are approached on main stream social media outlets , dating or sexual related sites. Scammers will entice male victims with photos or videos of attrative women , quickly moving to exploit the target.
Typically a money demand is made within a few hours to a couple of days.  The perpetrator generally has downloaded the victim's contacts and threatens to send out intimate material to friends, family and work contacts unless  funds are paid by a specific deadline.

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